Tuesday, February 15, 2011


This video of a middle school in Baltimore is a great influence to schools and teachers across the country showing that by even having a great diversity in school, it can be handled if the teachers and faculty are willing to take on the challenge. This school has students from 38 nations and more than 30 languages spoken by the students. I cannot remember in my middle school or high school having more than maybe two students who spoke a different language. As a teacher it is important to realize that these students from different backgrounds and languages will struggle at times in many activities, even speaking english, but it is the job of the teacher to include them and help them fit in creating a melting pot of cultures. It will also be beneficial if the teacher knows information about the students heritage and background being able to relate that into the teaching while involving the whole class. Having a staff as a whole, such as this one, is what other schools across the country should learn from. Being so faithful to the students and valuing their education is what will help the amount of diverse students succeed.

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